Product’s advertising for a company. A good way to establish good relations both with suppliers and customers is by advertising the company’s products. It is also a simple and affordable way to advertise a business. Through it, the company’s products can get known in the market, rising up the sales and showing better the product. We have to consider also the benefits that this would give to the consumer. There are five promotional tools:
1: Personal sales; It is based on transmitting information on a personal and direct relation to a specific client with the aim of convincing the buyer of the benefits of the product.

2: Direct Marketing: A set of promotional tools to target specific market sectors and seeking to promote a product or service through a direct and personal relation. Examples of this way that companies use to promote their products are the mail advertising, telephone advertising, fax…
3: Advertising consists of transmitting information across the entire media market with the aim of creating a direct impact on the customer to make him buy a product, this is made through advertising and insertions paying the seller.

4: Public relations: activities that are aimed to spread out information through the media to improve the product and the company’s image. This is what we call propaganda. In this case, the media or others who controls the message. An example might be organizing events such as conferences or congresses.
5: Sales promotion: are incentives or activities that stimulate the demand for a product in a short period of time, inducing the buyer to decide on the purchase. This instrument is a message more flexible, targeted and personalized. Some examples of these activities are drawings, prizes, free tasters, offers…

Finally, I think that it’s important to note that product and brand advertising has advanced so much in the last few years thanks to new technologies and to the progress in telecommunications, because as we can see, the most usual way to advertise the products is through television and radio, but also through magazines and newspapers.

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