Companies usually sell products to their customers to get a benefit.For this to be possible it is necessary that the product is well known.
A company uses different ways to promote their brand.
Firstly i would to talk about the the marketing mix tools (advertising,public relations, sales promotions and personal selling) .Depending on the situation the company will decide wich ones are going to use.

Pretend to maintain the good name of the company or product.The most important element in PR is publicity it is the cheapest way for a product to be well known because it does not cost money to the company and this in a huge advantage another one is that publicity has a huge amount of credibility.
The disadvantage is that the company does not have any control over this.

Are use to increase sales. For example coupons,price reductions competitions and so on.
A big advantage of this method is that when peolple come into your store, most of the times they buy more things that what the previously thought,company could also sell products that are off-season and with this tactic they can outperform its competitors.I will also like to add another important advantage is that sales promotions attract price-conscious brand-switchers.
The disadvanteges are that this strategy is useful only for a while.

The primary function of profesional sales is to satisfice the needs and the wants of the consumers.
A clear disadvantage it is that is much more expensive than the other promotional tools but on the other hand sales man are trained to persuade the consumer to buy the product so the sales will increase.

Advertising is used to inform and persuade potential customers to buy your product.There are many different types of ads such as television,radio, newspaper,billboards and so on.
The advantages are that everybody can see it and the company can choose who is it aimed to depending on were it is situated,the time or the kind of newspaper they use.
A disadvantage is that this type of promotion is very expensive.

As conclusion i would like to say that companies work really hard to make their products well known.

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