For a company is essential, a good and effective promotion of their products, since much of their sales and consequently, their profits depend on the promotion.
There are four major promotional tools, each have their advantages and disadvantages and it is work of the owner of the company make the best choice that best fits with his objectives.

Firstly we can talk about public relations, this type of product promotion is having increasingly more importance, in which it hires an outside person to handle your product.This promotion is direct and personal, in which is needed a good image,because of the relations with the external public and the objective is to take care of this and protect the image of the product.The disadvantages? it is a type of promotion,in which the worker must be available many hours for their customers and if necessary also by night. One advantage is that this well paid and that if they do a good job is very effective.

Other kind of promotion is publicity, that it is any appointment of your product in any medium. What are the advantages? the most important is that you dont have to pay for it, you can publicity your product without any cost and , moreover, it have a hugh impact in the main costumers who are more likely to believe in publicity than in other ways of promotion.

Free samples, coupons, price reduction and so on, are different strategies that are used to stimulate sales and to gain market share of a competitor. It is a way of promotion very productive because while they are trying to sell more units of the products, they are working on other strategies and othe products, non stop work. The disadvantage is that maybe all the work done and all the money invert doesn,t make the product successful.

The last way of promotion that we find it is "Personal selling". Is not used by all companies as it is the most expensive form of promotion.It is often the only person that the audience relates to the company, so each time you are given more importance. Also most new products come from these relationships between consumers and sales representatives.

Despite all forms of promotion that exist, is in the hands of the consumer that a product comes out alive and have any success.

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