For a company the most important thing is to get the results proposed in the beginning, and this requires a series of benefits that will depend in large measure to the promotion that is done by directors of the company.The company also needs to do a good promotion because is very important to offer the product and of course to raise awareness of their brand and companies that make a good promotion is easily to customers recognize and that always helps the company's profits.
There are different ways of advertising the product or a brand: nowdays the Internet may be the more used, which is growing because of the frequency of the entire population to use, the bad thing is that offer false advertising.
Other type of advertising is related to the television, radio .. a lot of publicity impact on consumers because you have already saw it,so you have the image of the product or brand in your head in the case of television, which is what is wrong with the radio, because you just hear it and the rest have to be the product of your imagination.Also this type of promotion usually use to be more expensive than others.
Also have much impact on consumer advertising in newspapers and magazines because it is a means of information very use by among of population and offer it in there is not as expensive as some other media.
Like the world of sport increasion more and more each year, businesses invest heavily in this type of publicidad.Diferentes sporting events as a tennis championship or proof of a formula one makes the brand been recognized by millions of people, but the problem is that is one of the most expensive.
Finally, there are many types of promotions, and businesses have to look what is the best way and most suited to their potential for get more profit and achieve the expected results.

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