Companies have to develop good products or services,price them attractively,and make them accesible to their target customers.But this is not enough:they also have to use various promotional tools to generate sales.On the other hand, to promote the company's products,is essential to increase the amount of customers and in this way, to obtain a major quantity of benefits.
There are several ways that can be used by companies to promote their products or brands,however,depending on the company's budget and on the target audience,they will choose the advertising option which best suits them.

First of all,advertising is considered such as one of the most common way to promote,which tries to let customers know about their selling products in different ways:television,radio,newspapers… Despite this fact,excessive advertising may have a high cost.

Secondly, the public relation way have an increasingly influence,specially because it is a direct form in which a company contracts people to show the essential part of a product.The principal aim of this promotional way is the covering image,trying to attract the customer's attention,so it is necessary for it to have a good personal image.However,people are more likely to read than to have this type of persuasive power,though there is no need to pay for it.It is also an impossible way for reaching a huge audience.

In addition,there are as well different strategies to promote your product such as coupons,price reduction…which are used to estimulate sales.Furthermore,it can cause an approximation with competitors,because it develops the same target as the other companies:persuade customers to buy their products.Against that,it is an expensive way to promote and it can cause the damage of a product's image.

Finally,the last way of promotion is known such as a personal selling,which is one of the most expensive way that gives a relation between customers and a sale representative.It is an opportunity to have a detailed information about the product,which is an essential item before there is a buying idea.It also offers a facility to resolve technical problems about a product.

To sum up,having those varieties of promotional tools,they are used by companies to obtain benefits,persuading in different ways,the amount of customers.

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