First of all I will make a collection of all the different ways have companies to promote their products or brands and then I will talk about advantages, disadvantages and differences of each one.
To promote a product or a brand, the company has to do a promotional strategy. We can find four major promotional tools: advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling.
Now, let’s talk about each one specifically about their advantages, disadvantages and differences as I have said previously.

ADVERTISING: Advertising consists on make public the new product using different advertising media like newspaper, TV, radio etc.
About their advantages we can say that if we use this way much people will hear talk about the new product and that is well known way.
As disadvantage we can find that it could be expensive and not very efficient.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: It consists on maintaining or improving the image of the product or the brand. To obtain that objective the company uses the publicity.
That is an advantage because, as a lot of researches show people are more receptive to publicity than to advertising.

SALES PROMOTIONS: It consists on make some bargain like price reductions, coupons…
That tool requires a little research to known if the own price reduction or coupon…is rentable to the company, I mean, there is an important risk if the company don’t research.

PERSONAL SELLING: This way consists on a most personal attention to the client. The salesman gives information about the product or the brand and assists to the client with possible technical problems.
We must consider that is the most expensive promotional tool and that is only used as complement.

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