Nowadays, promotion within a company is more than necessary to let people know what is offered. More than one method of sale is a strategy that must be examined by the company to increase its sales.
There are many ways to obtain a greater amount of costumers, although there are ways that are more expensive than others. The cheapest, but no less effective, is to let the product to be promoted by word of mouth. Each consumer is to express an opinion on what the company sells to friends and acquaintances, commenting on the quality, comparing prices and showing one's interest. This form of promotion saves money to the company, but there is a great risk; the information provided by consumers is not entirely true, it could have errors, so that could be seriously dangerous for the company.
Companies can also advertise in newspapers, writing an interesting announcement, which captures the attention of potential consumers, demonstrating the full benefits of their products and make consumers believe that within the whole market, their product is better. This form of promotion is not so cheap, but neither is it the most expensive and also make sure if they announce on a famous newspaper or magazine, thar will be read by a large proportion of the population.
The radio is also a good way, because who does not listen to the radio while you are in the car? Doing an ad with a catchy music make sure that people stay with what they want to convey. This form of promotion is a bit expensive, but sure to attract a lot of consumers, so in my opinion it would be worth, because the radio is something you hear throughout the world, whether in the car while they go to work at home while doing their tasks, and so on.
Moreover, in my opinion, the best way to advertise a product is television. It is true that one of the most expensive ways to do it, but it's a safe bet. Many people spent hours in front of television, besides providing more attention because they not only have to read what is offered, but a combination of words, music and pictures that show all the benefits of the product and make people think they need the product that is offered.
To conclude, companies can promote their products in various ways, but the ultimate goal of all is to attract consumers and increase sales. Each company will have to make an assessment and see what kind of promotion is best for the product they offer, but in my opinion, I repeat, that the best way to promote any product through TV ads.

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