For a company is essential to promote their own products and also companies have to develop good products or services, price them attractively, and make them accessible to their target customer. But this is not enough: they also have to use various promotional tools to generate sales. On the other hand, to promote the company’s products is necessary to increase the amount of customers and for that, obtain a major quantity of benefits.

There are several ways that companies can use to promote their products or brands. The most common way to promote a brand is called adverts (also called “ads”). The principals ways are:

To begin with, advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service. There are many advertising media like newspaper, TV, internet, radio, magazines… The advantages of it is that it can come to the majority of the customers and make the product known, and the disadvantage is that it could be expensive and not very efficient.

Secondly, public relations consists in that the company contracts people in order to show the best image of the product that it wants to sell. Public relations could be considered as common activities which include speaking at conferences, working with the press, and employee communication. The most relevant benefit is the fact that it is not paid for. On the other hand it is expensive and you can only talk to one person at a time so it’s impossible to reach the same amount of audience than using other promotional ways.

Another way to promote products or brands is the sales promotion such as free samples, coupons, price reductions, competitions, and so on, which target is to increase the volume of sales. Sales promotions can be directed at the customer, sales staff, or distribution channel members (such as retailers). The disadvantage of it is that is a way expensive for a company and in a long term it can damage the brand image.

In addition to these ways of promotion, personal selling is an oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale. The advantage of it is that the customer is face to face with the salesman representative so he can ask all the doubts he has. Also, the product is better show than in the other ways because both people are together and is more easily to understand. Personal selling is a very expensive strategy and you can only do it with a few clients.

To sum up, point out that the promotional tools are essentials for a company for have better results in the future with their sales and also is a way to increase their benefits.

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