Publicity are present at almost all moments in our daily life,companies use many methods to promote their products and to get more clients, I'm going to concentrate in two of the more representative ones.

First is the sponsorship,emphazising the sponsorship to sportsmen. This tendency has increased much in last years and nowadays it's impossible to imagine an elite sportman without his sponsoring.
With this publicity the company is buying the clothes of an elite sportman(t-shirt,cap),a hero for people,obtaining most of his positive qualities(strenght,triumphs)for the publicity of his mark.A disadvantage can be that also the errors and the behavior of this sportman are associated with your mark too(doping,insolence).
Secondly i'm going to talk about the publicity in the films and tv series(prodcut placement).This type of publicity can be done with all things(food,tobacco,cars).Marks gain force in the consciousness of the people with the context of the film, for example if you show a very fast FORD card in a film, people would think about FORD like speed.All films are full of this type of publicity.The disadvantage can be that to introduce your mark in a great production can be very expensive.

Finally we can say that the companies are forced to promote their products to increase their sales and to obtein more profits, there are only two explanatory examples of promotion methods of companies.
Methods have been changing and perfecting throughout the history, obtainig every time a more persuasive and efficient publicity.

Mark = 4

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