Ram Charan

1.- Ram Charan teaches senior ejecutives to improve their skills about solve business troubles.
When he was young, he started to work in his family shoe shop, in a little town of India. Then he went to Australia and after to Hawaii.
He has a Master in Business and Administration and the grade of Doctor from Harvard Business School. When he finished his studies, he began to work there.
He is very famous bescaus he is a good advisor. He gives solutions to solve financial problems, he calls it "growth budget".
He won a lot of awards and he had written papers and books because he has a energetic and interactive behaviour.

2.- He has different reactions to solve the crisis.
He began asking the empoyees. He wanted to know what they can tell about the crisis and if they can give him three ways to reduce costs and conserve cash.
He canceled a lot of internal meetings, conslutant and contractos.
Holliday asked the 14 leaders about wich solutions can they give to him. The aim was to have a quickly reaction to solve the crisis and donĀ“t be a viewer.
He is a great example of a leader.

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