Ram Charan is probable one of the most important bussinesmans of the past decade.Its a person that has grow step by step,starting by a small family job,later,he could get graduated at harvar by being an Baker Scholar and ending by winning one of the most important awards :"the bell ringer".He was considered the "leading expert" in corporate governance.
He has beeing working for more than 35 years afronting new ideas for solve many economic problems that surrounds the economic theory and helping economic groups for improving their dinamics.
Also,hi has work for the higher statemnts and he has being distinguished by the academy of human resorces.
His totall delivery to the economic world has make him sold more than 2 million copyes of all the books,articles,bestsellers,and cover stories that hi has wrote.

The plan of Dupont was to put in progress a plan call: "Corporate Crisis plan",this plan was establishe to put appropriate disaster-control procedures in place,by the time, this plan was considered useful.The plan could make known that the crisis was only financial.
The plan was to put the managers at their places making known them selfs that they were the key to end the crisis.Their mission was to deal with the emnployees and ask them or conserve cash and reduce costs.
The time will be finally the only that determinates which production facilities could be closed permanently or shuttered temporarily to reduce costs.

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