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The text is a short summary of a book which is written to make families easier to understand banking terms.
It explains:

Shares:A share shows the part an investor owns of a company.

Assets:The assets of a company is anything owned by a business(land,buildings,fittings) that can be used to produce goods and pay liabilities.

Nominal Share Value:Most shares have a nominal value which represents the owners value of the company.A part from that a share has a market value that shows the asset and the possibility to make money.
There also exist non-voting shares which are designatedby the suffix "A".These ones are similar to other shares but the owner can not influence the strategy of the company.In the past this shares have been created for the families to maintain control of the company.

The Dividend and its cover:The dividend of the company is the proportion of its profits that the company pay to the owners.The times that a company could paid its net dividend is called cover.

P/E Ratio:The objective of the P/E ratio is to know how many years of earnings you would need to pay the share

Yield:is the performance of a stock as a rule under the local interest rate.

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