A share in a company grants to investor a right so, most importantly and some privileges in a lot of fields included in the Annual General Meeting .

The assts of the company is composed by the day to day cash, land or buildings and the stock of raw materiels.
In the most of cases the shares have the tipically 25p nominal value. Also the shares sold its at the market value, but the sum of totaly shares issued was named the issue share of capital. The share can be named eqiuty or stock.
Although the ‘A’ shares was designated for holders who enjoy the benefits and still has no vote.

Dividents are normally the little percent of the profit distribution who each holder has the right to receive something but just when the economic situation of the company goes in good way.

Another kind of profits could be eps, ‘earnings per share’, its the earnings divided for number of shares. Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio points out in example that the Gran Universa P/E ratio’s is 13.7, namely the 13.7 percent of the earnings goes to reduce repayment the share out of dividents.

The last therm refers to a net percentage of the current share price also kown by yield.

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