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The text talks about shares and the consequences of these within the world of business. The shares are distributed among the shareholders and the dividends are distributed one or two time each year.

On the one hand, the composition of the assets of the company consists of cash in hand, land and property and the total raw materials. On the other hand, the nominal share value is the price they have in the markets. The total amount of the nominal value of shares is the capital of the company. There are non-voting shares, which are often called the "A" but can not take an active part in decisions taken by the company (they are unpopular).

Another important point is the dividend, which are the profits to be spread among the shareholders. In general a part of the dividend is reserved to finance the growth of the company. The price and the dividend is expressed as a price performance.

The benefit of the company is known as your earnings. The P / E tells us the number of years of earnings per share at the current share price will be required to pay the fee.

Finally, the yield is another important step within the company, expressed in percentage net (after income tax). The yields in each country are usually lower than the interest that could be gained by invert in local bonds.

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