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The proposed article explains what shares are, and explains some concepts which influence or have a relation with them.
Shares are parts in which the company’s wealth is divided. That leads to a relevant term: the assets of a company, tangible or intagible goods that forms the property of the company. The nominal share value is a form to make money selling shares in the market in a higher price than his first price, and this term show you the value of a share when issued.
There are different kinds of shares. This article focus in one kind of share that has no voting right, this are the non-voting shares which are becoming unpopular and whose demand is decreasing.
Another term is the dividends that are the profits of the company, and the benefit of the company is known as your earnings.
Finally, the yield that change depending on the country, is another meassure of a company´s performance and is expressed as a net percentage of the current share price.

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