This is a text from a book named investing on stock & shares written by a doctor named:Jhon White.
In this text they talk to you aobout what is a "share" and what is his principal objective in a company,they said that the shares are a right were you are allowed to recibed dividends and took part in a general meting,so if you have a higher rank than others you will probably have much responsbility and power at this meeting.
On the other hand they talk aboult assets,they explain you ,that this are the patrimony of the company,this includes properties,bulidings etc.

Most of this shares,have a nominal value wich normally represents the patrimony of the company ,so ,we can said that the nominal value is the price that they have at the market in wich they took part, because with them they will try to took part at the market and increase their patrimony.This shares that reprents the "power" of the company are called the the issued shares The total of the nominal sum of all is the issued share capital of the companyhas no vote in the company's strategy

On the other hand we have the"A" shares wich are the non-voting shares,this kind of shares have the quality that his owner has non vote in the company's strategy.

When we talk about profits we talk about dividends.This are the part of the profits that is gived to its owners:the shareholders.
After this,they said that profits are known as its earnings. So wen this earning are divided we get the earnings per share(eps) .The PE (price to earnings) permit us know how many years of income are required to pay a share.

Finally,the talk about the yield wich is expressed as a percentage and wich means what is the price of the share. They mention that yield in the UK is around 3.6 per cent net but that in other countries it may be different like it is Japan or USA.

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