The article talks about what are the shares and everything that is related to it in the world of bussines.A share is a measure that represents a part of the capital of a company. People like to buy shares becouse when you get it you can vote at Company´s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and also you get profits in form of dividend.
Shares also give an amount of assets, these are tangible or intangible goods which are the property of te company.
The Nominal Share Value is the market value of a share, for now it goes out for the first time. Represents an equal part of the capital from the company.
There are some shares that people don´t like it are called "A" ,that provide the profits and restricts the right of vote.
The dividend of a company is one share of its earnings paid to shareholders,which are known as incomes.
The split between income and the number of shares,are known as profits.
Finally, the text talks about that the yield of a company is expressed after income tax, a net percentage, of the currant shared price. Yields in each country are often lower than the interest.

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