The web site talks about concepts related to the world of the company as well as indicators of enterprises´s activity.
The first concept that appear in the web site are the shares: Shares are titles that give to their owners a part of the enterprises´s property. Also, the owner of a share will have a dividend from the share when the company has benefits.
Another concept that is included in the text is the “nominal share value”, this term means the price that the shares has, including the value of company´s assets and its capacity to make money: the potential of income of the company.
Also in the text are reflected a special kind of shares characterized because its owner can´t vote for the enterprise´s strategy. These shares were created with the intention of support the power of the enterprise in the founding family .Nowadays these shares are not on craze.
The dividend is another concept that is present in the text: a dividend, it´s a part of company´s profits that is paid to shareholders. The dividends will be higher when the entreprises´s profits are higher. In many times the enterprises don’t distribute all the benefits: only a part of them, the part that it´s not distributed “cover” the distributed dividends.
Another concept present in the web site is the P/E Ratio. P/E Ratio indicates how many years of earnings will be necessaries for cover the price of the share with the actual prices.
Finally the last concept present in the text is the yield, that usually is expressed by a percentage that reveals the enterprises´s activity level.Yields in general are lower than the interest which could come from another economic activity.

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