This text speaks of the shares and subjects related to them.
A share gives the investor a little power inside the company, translated in profits by dividends or to participate in the AGM of the company.
The assets are the possessions of the company(earth, buildings, raw materials, etc.), excluding different things from financial character.
The nominal value of the share represents the dimension of the company, it´s value and it´s capacity of create money, is an indicator of the company. There are some shares denominated class "A" wich that the property cannot take part on the decisions of the company, but they are unpopular.
The dividends of a company are the part of the money that distributed between the shareholders, usually are a part of the profits. Not always all the profits are distributed, often companies reserves a part for bad financial ages.
P/E ratio is an indicator of the years of profits that are needed to recover the price of the share. A P/E of 8 means that you must wait eight years to recover the value of the share. By all means you can sell your stock when you want to the price that stipulates the market.
The production of the company also imagines like somewhat percent of the value of the company, that is reflected into the shares.
It´s possible to say that the more risk assumes the investor with their shares, the more probably of high profits he will have.

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