The aim of this text is to explain the different meanings of the word "share". First of all the text defines a share as a part of a company whose owner is a stakeholder and that is the reason why every stakeholder in a company percieve a proportional part of the profits.

The text also tell us what would be an asset in a company and what is the nominal share value nowadays, which actually represents the price (value) that a share has in the market at a determined instant.
Regarding the dividen and its cover I would like to consider that it is a simple concept because it is the proportion of the profits that is given to the stakeholders in order to the proportion of the shares that they own.

The P/E ratio is used to know how many years of earnings per share at the current share price would be needed to pay for the share. Another measure used by many big companes to know how are they performing is their yield which is a bit different in every country.

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