The text explains you all the components of the shares

A share is a degree that represents a part of the capital of a company. The owner of the share receives the associate's name of the company and in most of the cases can vote and attend its annual general meeting (AGM).Depending of the number of the shares an investor buys, he will be more important in the company and he will win or lose more money.

-Assets are a part of the balance of trade, there it is included all the property of the company like computers, cars, buildings, lands. Assets include raw materials, stocks and the money that the company have (cash in hand, money in the bank), except the credits and bonds that the company must pay to creditors.
The nominal value is the result of dividing the capital of a company and the number of shares. It represents the assets´ value of the company. There are some shares designed by suffix “A” which have more possibilities to give more profits but the holder has no vote in the company's strategy.

-A dividend is the proportion of the earnings of the company that is decided to be distributed among the shareholders; the remainder is retained to fund internal growth of the company. Also dividends can be saved for years with fewer profits.
-The objective of the P/E Ratio (price to earnings) is to know how many years you need to pay for the share.

-The yield is another measure of a company´s performance. It is after income tax, a net percentage, of the current shared price. the average yield is different depending on the country and usually higher in the UK (around a 3.6 per cent) and lower than the interest.

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