-The web :, it is aimed to bussinesmen who wants to learn to advertise his/her own company.

Here you were finding very complete explanations on this topic : advertising materials, how to create ads, freelancing, public relations, promotions, success strategies, etc. In the web they hang interesting enough articles about the last innovations on the field of the advertising, of the last campaigns that the important companies use; Also you can form a part of a forum of discussion, where there appear the topics of the last blogs or articles. In the top part of the page, there are a few eyelashes with other options, other topics, we have one specific for the small businessmen who do not want to publicize(advertise) on a large scale or who are initiating, where it(he,she) explains to them like the campaign and the costs that the would support among other things. In this part of the page you can sign up to recive weekly information and there appear other links with other advertising pages.

It is a very complete page. Persons who need to mount his(her,your) own campaign can come here and will find information of all kinds, also articles about current companies and can discuss these topics with people with the same doubts for what they can improve his(her,your) knowledge.

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