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This website is very simple and it is aimed to the business people who would be interested on holding an advert in any of the supports that atres advertising offers. The possible media are not only television with Antena 3 or the radio with Onda Cero, but also in the cinema with movierecord, press with ADN or even the TDT with Disney Channel.
Atres Advertising was made to help business people to create their communication plan, to choose the media and support which suites best to the product and their advertising budget, aswell as the integration of messages.
The website contains mainly the advertising price list where you can see how much could cost an advertising campaign in each support. In television for example you can see the cost of an advert at each time of the day. The most expensive adverts are the ones between 21:45 and 00:30, which is the time of the day with more audience.
It is specially interesting the expensive that an advert can be, reaching 19 500 euros on Wednesday┬┤s nights. Finally it is surprisingly that adverts in the pause for advertising of the series at 14:00 (The Simpsons) are much more expensive than the ones of the tv news at 15:00.

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