summary 112

Ernesto Pérez González group: c-2


1. What is the URL (website address) :
-The website address is

2. Who is the site aimed at? :
-This website has been made for companies or people , who want to develop an advertising project .

3. What can they do there?:
-This company ( , try to be the connection between the enterprise and the customer, they designs online marketing campaigns , they make singulars projects for each customer.

4. What type of content does it contain?:
-This website has different contents , they try to explain what they do ,which is the product that they offer, how to get contact with them , and why you have to buy that product at the same time , they explain who are them .

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting? :
-In this website I have seen different things, but the most important thing, I think , is, that they can make an special marketing campaigns for you , they haven´t an standard product for each customer.

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