The URL is:
It is mainly aimed at target and potencial customers. But there also is a part of the site aimed at operators, investors, developers and at other business and companys.
Customers can do lots of things on this page. First of all they can see all the products the company has (such as phones, accesories..),compare them and of course buy them. If they are not very sure about the product they want to buy there are pilots reviews of some new products and discussions online where people give their opinion about that product. Once they have their phone they can find assistance and information to help them make the most of it. If the phone the customer bought has any problem he can see on the net if it needs to be repaired or not by writing his problem and waiting for the answer. Or if they prefer they can also contact Nokia via email. Another thing customers can do on this page is downloading software (like PC suites) and learning a lot of different possibilities their phone has (mobile imaging, how to connect the phone with another one to transfer things, how to get music on the phone..).
Nokia owners can register to have a free service that offers tips and that informs them about the latest products and services.
The investors can look at the stock quote and see the financial result (the sales, the annual accounts..).
The page also contains the latest releases on the press, explanations of news technologies (such as bluetooth, GPRS, HTML, Java…). It shows its eco initiatives to protect the environment and their research center too. In this site people can even ask for a job in Nokia.
As i also said it holds information about Nokia products and their features and it informs people about the brand (the world leader in mobility) and its results. It shows which advantages each phone has, which one would be the best for each customer (depending on his needs), they explain what new technologies their phones include and why use a resume they try to help the customer find the phone that fits him the most.
I found surprising the fact of giving so much information about themselves. But what i actually found the most interesting is that every single detail about the technologies they use is explained (they do not just mention them).

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