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“Losing face” summary;

This article from “the economist” talks about the advantages and disadvantages which the biggest marketing media has given to the biggest airlines in the UK. We are of course talking about the internet media and the ways that it can be used for. The companies we are referring to, are Virgin Atlantic and British airways.

On the one hand we know that the airlines use the internet for advertising cheap flight offers, selling tickets etc, on the other hand we can see that online services can also damage these companies. This damage was made by some Virgin Atlantic crew members on free opinion blog pages such as facebook or MySpace, these people criticised some costumers on their blogs being rood on free online sites.

Some specialists say that these services amplify the effect of your opinion and advises people to be careful about what they divulge on their private (or not) facebook profiles. People has now learnt about this and the bad critics of people about their own company are disappearing on this dangerous media.

In my opinion we have to be very careful with everything we say or write on any public place because it can be used against us.

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