imaginarium store advertaising


2. This site is aimed at the children, babies, the parents who has kids mostly under 8 years old, but there are toys for all ages. It can be a very good idea to buy here when you have a birthday party or similar.
3. The consumers in this website can buy the products like: bicycles, dolls, childcare products, furniture for the bedroom’s kids, toys, books, healthy food for the babies…all kind of things, and all of this, the consumers, mainly the moms, can buy them through the website. Moreover the consumers can see all this products in the web, because there is a picture of all of them. With this system the people who buy here can be assured they have made a good buy.
4. This webpage contains all type of information about their products, furthermore this virtual store has a catalogue purchase where you can see all the things that you can buy, and make sure what the costumer is buying. This website also contains a lot of advertisings about especial offers, all promotions in the imaginarium store, discounts… Additionally all the person who wants to contact this store can look for the imaginarium telephone which is posted in this page, and if the customer’s don’t know where is located the store they can find all the stores they have around the world.
5. Yes, I find interesting principally the discounts in the imaginarium flies for the children. I think, this can be very useful and also can attract a lot of customers. As well I think that all the catalogues are very good designed. It surprise me all the variety products for all kind of persons and tastes.

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