Summary 2

This is an extract from an article of the Economist print edition, published the 6th of November in 2008, a tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos.
Social networks can be suitable marketing tools, an easy way to get known by everybody. But their publicity can also informed wrongly that it to say that it can make a bad impression about the company too.
Here we have two examples of two airlines, who have check the pros and cons of Facebook and Myspace. Virgin Atlantic dismiss 13 of its cabin crew, on October 31st, after to know that they had posted on a Facebook forum tasteless remarks of customers as Virgin planes,they call into question the safety of the company, they were described as "chavs",and they said that the planes had cockroaches too.
British Airways as well as Virgin discovered on November 3rd that some of his staff had posted offensives comments of some passengers.
After these public relations disasters, the two companies took action, trying to educate their staff,for example BA obliged them to sign a policy that donĀ“t allow them to post derogatory comments without a specific authorisation. Virgin questions the fact that employees need to take out their problems on Facebook.
Communications specialists point out the importance to regulate with online guidelines social networks,because of their increase. Everything said there online is amplified.
Then it said how to learn about the problems, from a press report or for an annoyed passenger,in fact its better to prevent than to resolve but anyway if we find a problem the important is to solve it as soon as possible.

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