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The website that i´ m going to talk about is called
This provide a social network for acoustic musicians, fans, and others that have an interest in acoustic roots music ,also try to help musicians than need people to make a band and is a really nice idea for them to don´ t forget the great feelings that anyone has while the` re playing some instrument.

Like I said they can still playing with people who have the same problem to find `acoustic friends` also they can share songs and videos with other members and get your music in front of a new fan base, record labels, promoters and radios stations.

Acoustic friends contains lots of music to look around , here you can know many new groups and heard them, finally is a place to learn a little bit more from music and share your interest with others.

Finally , I really find interesting the thing that anyone can go in and listen everything about acoustic music from gospel to bluegrass and for people who really like this type of music they will be so glad for them.

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