The MMA’s Mobile Advertising Guidelines provide to advertisers patterns, guidelines and best ways to introduce the mobile advertising in the different forms of mobile media channels, like web, messaging, applications and video. The target of these guidelines is to increase the development of advertising on mobile phones by:
1. Reducing the creative effort that a mobile advertising campaign usually needs.
2. Reaching to the majority of mobile phones worldwide.
3. Providing the participation of the consumers.
The guidelines give to advertisers information to expand theirs ways of advertise, receiving patterns to reach as many potential costumers as possible.
The MMA guidelines are the result of the continuous collaboration of MMA member companies and MMA Mobile Advertising Committees whose members are representative of all the parts of the mobile marketing ecosystem.
This web is aimed to all this companies and individuals involved in the creation, engagement, distribution and hosting of mobile advertising. The Mobile Advertising Guidelines present a fund whose widespread adoption will stimulate the market development and increase the consumer satisfaction.

Mobile phones are one of the most important inventiveness of this century and nowadays one of the useful things, so I think that companies has an opportunity there, an opportunity to introduce their products by this channel. A surprising thing could be the slowness of the advertisement section of the companies cause mobile phones were invented long time ago.

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