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As we can see here, nowadays Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other many social networks are used to make publicity of different companies. In this case, British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic, didn´t used this social network to do so.
Members and people from both companies used Facebook´s forums to comment and critic the behavior and the safety of their companies, mentioning things about the costumers and their plains, what has an awful repercussion for both companies. More precisely, what they did was to post events, emails or just a few lines to determinate costumers telling them about their bad forms, smells, taste, etc… This way of using the social network it is not the exactly and proper way of doing so. As we said before the correct use is as a marketing tool, a way of doing publicity, a different option to clean the image of the firm, etc. A few investigations discovered that there was staff members that didn´t follow this rules correctly. It exist a policy that forbids to those members that send post or something else in terms of critic a costumer, just if the company approve it and give them the permission to do so.
To conclude, we should say that internet nowadays it is one of the better tools to do marketing, to launch a product, to make our product different or just known. But also we need to know how to use it. A bad use of these networks could destroy our company.

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