summary advertisement 99

1º) The URL is:

2º) This website made by Google is aimed at companies, business people… and all other kind of person who wants to increase his website visits.

3º) The website is aimed to explain to ignorant people that its works choosing one or some keywords related with the business. Your website will appear on the right hand of the search page when people search on Google one of the keywords.

You can select some areas, contest, or any kind of article that your target consumer is going to be interested on. With the placement performance report you can analyse form where come most of the visitors and by comparing this results to make a more aggressive campaign with the target placement.

The way is interesting because there is not minimum budget you can limit it daily or for a maximum of clicks, the cost will be paid after people visit the page and not before. Before signing you can have an estimated cost.
You also can maximize your budget by setting your ads to appear only to people from a particular region, and it can be improve adding your location in Google maps. Finally you can read some success stories.

4º) It content information about the way of using “Google AdWords” that is the advertising Google’s business. They explain you how to use and pay it and what you can expect of your investment.

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