VIPS group
The webpage is the one of the Vips group, which is a large food chain located throughout most of Spain but especially strong in Madrid. It also includes other restaurants like the Americans Starbucks, Friday´s, etc. The URL is
The site is aimed at all potential consumers such as young people who may visit it with their friends, adults on their lunch break from work, etc. Also the group carries out certain campaigns during the year focusing on a more concrete type of people, like for say the last hamburger campaign that was mentioned more for young people, even though lots of other people eat them, but mainly young people would feel more attracted to a very big cheeseburger.
On their website they can approach possible clients better than in any other publicity channel, with promotions, special prices, etc. but they have to announce the website so people know it.
It contains all kind of information on the restaurants and where they are located, etc.
What surprised me the most is how well organized the vips club was. Not many restaurants have such a fine club, which keeps track of its members, gives them special offers and through a very interesting card system sends them back a percentage of what they spent (I think its around a 3%) in “Vips money” which is really intelligent because they can only spend it at restaurants owned by the vips group. Regina Suarez

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