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The website address is

This site is basically aimed for the young people of either sex but everyone can enter in it.

The most important function of this site is to show and sell their products to the consummers. You can see all the different products that you can buy through this site. The advantage of it, is that you do not have to go shopping "phisically", you can do it at home through your computer. This is a comfortable way to see their products (whatever colours, sizes, prices…) and buy its if you want.

First of all, the most important content of this site is the design clothes, like polos, shirts, trousers… Secondly accesories of it (bracelets, necklaces, colognes…) and finally this site contents a gallery of A&F, playlist, film between others sections.

And interesting thing of this known brand is that it only are in EEUU with the exception of some shops in Europe and in other countries out of Europe. So, for example if an european man would like to buy an A&F product, he has two ways to achieve it, the first one is to go to the EEUU and buy it, and the other one is to buy through this site and the company take care to send you the product.

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