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Sra Rushmore

A long night breaking my mind to search a “website related to advertising”, and I remembered of an ad about which anybody had said ‘wooow’, when viewing it.

At this moment, five coloured circles came to my head, really. So the advertising agency named Sra Rushmore is from Madrid, but they pointed to the other side of the world, exactly into the Olympics Games of China 2008.

-The name of this mystery is, the website of Señora Rushmore, the company name.

-The list of its clients goes since spanish football team (Atletico de Madrid), International Drinks Company (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Holding Mahou-San Miguel…), Food and desserts companies (Bocatta, Holding Ferrero), Banks (ING), Mobile and phone Company (Movistar), fashion and wearing company (Agatha Ruiz de la Prada), what is more the jewel of agency International Olympic Committee.
So much so that this spanish company includes all kind of sectors, as it has been described with previous examples.

-Mainly, they work with tv advertisements but they can make high campaigns for specials events changing the politic spanish scene like in 2004 with our prime minister J.L. Zapatero who reached the Moncloa Palace thanks to them, with the ZP slogan.

- This company was awarded several times due to their creativity and up-to-date, therefore this website seems a really grandmother house. So imagine.

-Something interesting could be fun or to make in your face a smile, so this site design a comical presentation without to forget the special music. Miss Rushmore show us the web like my mother during the visits.

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